My  Coils:

Diamond-weave coils are mistakenly called spider-weave coils but because no spokes for former is included, the proper name is Diamond-weave.  If the former or spokes are inside the coil then it is a spider-web coil.  My coils are air-wound with no spokes which means less loss in the coil, thus more gain.


I primarily make the Diamond-weave coil, but also make Duolateral coils, Basketweav

coils, and Rook coils.  I use 175/46 litz wire, 660/46 litz wire, kynar-insulated silver-plated wire, and copper magnet wires.  I do not make any solenoid type coils.


The coils seen on the home page are examples of the types of coils I wind by hand.  I will post pictures of coils on the picture page.


All coil inductances are checked using a ADE Precision L?C IIB Meter available at ( Coils come with a 2.5-inch nylon 1/4-20 bolt and three nylon nuts to mount your coil to your set.  In addition, I include one 1N34A diode with the coil.


Shipment is via USPS Priority Mail so that the coil is insured.  I urge overseas buyers to purchase the coils on eBay as eBay has an overseas shipping policy that is much cheaper than what the post office charges.



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